Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Saudi Arabia / Bush and Christie

There are reports that Saudia Arabia has warned the US that if the Iranians start up their nuclear reactor at Buscher there might be an explosion similar to the Japanese reactor explosion..The Saudis are quite upset with America ,and may have turned down an American arms deal.

The quartet has cancelled their meeting on the ME, because the US has convinced them that only direct negotiations between Israel and the PA can lead to a Palestinian State, and not a vote by the General Assembly.

Today I was discussing the GOP potential candidates for the Presidency, we both expressed total disappointment in their ability to win.I then suggested that 2 candidates that are not running,could inspire the party and the nation.They are Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie.
When I came home and looked at Politico they have a story on that suggestion.However, they add Gen. Petraeus.He has no potical history,and is slated for the CIA. Recently he warned against the individual who burned the Quran, and gave the murderers who rioted because of the burning, an excuse.
Yes we wants to protect his soldiers.Howevever that is not the Amarican way.Freedom of speech gives the right to KKKers to march through a Jewish area.
As a Florida resident,Jeb is probably the most attractive of the Bush dynasty and he has a terrific rercord.
While one can criticize Christie for just being on the Job a short period of time,Obama's record was nothing to be proud of when he initially ran.It is the perception of the people,and the economy that will make the final judgement.
Perhaps we have had enough of people with long lists of previous political positions.We need political courage and the ability to stand up for conservative principles.