Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Assad / Statehood

It is amazing that the administration treats Assad with kid gloves.Not only have hundreds been killed following peaceful demonstrations,but Assad has called in the 11,000 strong Shabbiha,which are Alewite youth goons.Their specialty is smuggling.
Even as the demonstrations continue,there are those like Sen. Kerry who have had a love-feast with Assad,and still call him either a reformer-or potential reformer.
Where is the logic?
Mubarek was our friend,he protected US interests and the Israeli peace process.Of course he was a typical Arab ruler,but loyal to us.
Him we threw under the train.
Assad is a tool of Iran.It is the intermediary between Iran and Hezbollah and Hamas.It supports terror in the ME, and was involved in the Hariri murder in Lebanon.He is a despot and anti-American.
Him we treat with kid gloves.

The Palestinians are issuing all kinds of PR papers that they are ready for "statehood.
How so?
The PA does not control Gaza,and the Gaza military daily shells civilians and a member State of the UN.
Other than charity,the PA has no airport, seaport, currency ,AND LITTLE INDUSTRY..
The President of the PA is serving despite the fact that his term has terminated.
How can you have a State,which is abrogating all its written commitments under Oslo and other meetings which declares that all actions regarding Jerusalem,borders and refugees must be negotiated directly with Israel.
The whole statehood issue is a joke,and Bibi should not rise to appease these hooligans.