Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pesach / Scott Hellet / Birthers /

Of course we look forward to Pesach.Howevever the flip side is that for those of us who go to hotels the calorie count goes out the door.In addition this year we are waiting for our daughter-in-law to give birth,and that adds a little tension to our expectations.
I spoke 3 times at the Granit Hotel (Hudson Valley Resort).The most interesting was entitled "Examining Obama's Narcissism"

The appointment of Cong Scott Heller to take over the seat that Sen. Ensign is giving up, reasonably assures that the seat will remain in Republican hands in Nov.2012.

I am not an advocate of conspiracy theories.Howevever, as I looked at Obama's face when he blasted the press and his critics over the birthing issue,2 thoughts came to mind.
Why didn't he do this months ago? Why did he personally have to get on Tv,and not have a staff person do it? Looking at his face,I had the feeling that somehow this is not the whole truth.

The announcement of Hamas-PA that they have reconciled their differences only means that under no circumstances can there be negotiations or peace with Israel.
If you look at the UN. today you get sick.Syria is in line for a seat on the Human Rights Council,and the UN Swecurity Council cannot publicly condemn them for over 400 civilian deaths.