Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rockets in Gaza / Washington shutdown

In 2010 238 rockets and mortars were fired from Gaza into southern Israel.This year with only more than a quarter of the year completed we have seen 200 rockets from the terrorists.
Yesterdays attack was especially serious,because it was aimed and hit a school bus, injuring 2 students.
The bus was painted yellow ,and there is no question that the perpertrators saw the target,since it was an anti-tank weapon,which fires from a limited distance.
The fact that Hamas today declared a cease-fire is to try to prevent a massive Israeli response.
Israel as we have said previously is being careful not to have such a response at this time in order to avoid diverting attention rom Syria etc.
Hamas is playing with fire and had there been a large number of student deaths on that bus, the Israeli public would not countenance a mild response.
It was great to see that the Iron Dome anti-missile system worked successfully yesterday in preventing a rocket from hitting Ashkelon.The problem is that the system is expensive and will not solve all the problems at any given time.
The US has given money to help develop and produce more units.

The impending shutdown of our country really underlines the huge schism between the liberals who never saw a program thet didn't want to fund,and the conservatives who are trying to balance the budget.
Of course this cycle the social conservatives and tea party advocates are trying to place riders with these extensions dealing with policy issues like abortion and NPR.
Personally, in view of the Paul Ryan 2012 budget,I believe that is a better venue to debate these issues.Yes the Republicans won Congress on these issues,but they failed to win the Senate(because they put up cooky candidates in Nevada and Delaware) so the issues will not go away.Nor can they really win with Obama in the WH.
I would have suggested that if the administration agreed to go to the Supreme Court and ask (with the State AG's)for an expedited review of Obamacare,then we could have a ruling on its constitutionality within a year ,and not 2-3 years as currently orchestrated-Then the issue of funding Obamacare might be put aside for this year.