Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chag Kasher V'Sameach / Incitement/ NATO / PAUL RYAN

This will be the last blog until after the Pesach holiday.Allow me to wish all of you a Chag Kasher Vesameach.

It is hard to believe that 2 teenagers from an Arab village near Itamar,in a premeditated manner killed and butchered the 5 Fogel family members in Itamar.Without remorse,their only regret is that theey did not kill more family members.
This hatred is a direct result of the incitement campaign instituted by Abbas, in the Arab tradition of destroying the "infidel".
Any left winger who thinks peace is possible, need only look at the history of the pogroms in Palestine pre-State.Yes, you can have quiet and peace for A FEW YEARS.hOWEVER IT IS IN THEIR GENES,---DESTROY AND MURDER the JEW
That is what they learn in their textbooks,their mosques and media."
The fact is that the anti-semitism seen in Europe and the UN, has not changed,except for a short post-Holocaust hiatus,when it was not fashionable to express these inner feelings.
Sadly it appears Bibi is holding back on building in E. Jerusalem for fear of offending "our friend-Obama".
Perhaps it is time for Bibi to go--and allow a tougher approach to the Arabs and Obama.

Everyday as you read of bickering in NATO, you wonder what is the real value of this organiztion.Sans the U.S. they don't have enough planes or munitions.American bombs are not interchangeable on NATO bomb racks.Ghadaffi is making Obama look like a loser.
Never start a war you don't intend to win and finish.Right now Obama looks weak and unable to lead the "free world".

The more you see Paul Ryan expound on our fiscal problems,the more you realize he has bested Obama except in the eyes of the left wing media,and partisan Dems.Whether he would be a candidate for Pres. in '12 as the Weekly Standard discusses in an op-ed by Bill Kristol or not,he is a super-star, and he will be the intellectual leader of the GOP in the coming years.