Sunday, April 10, 2011

Budget deal / Sudan / Iron Dome

The budget deal was a victory for the GOP and Boehner.You have to have a good set of BETZIM for Obama who wanted no budget cut,now stands up and praises the deal,and implies he is responsible for it.It is the same attitude when the last tax bill was passed,avoiding a tax increase for wealthy Americans.
Truthfully this is all a warmup for the battle to increase the debt ceiling and the 2012 Ryan budget.
The attacks on Boehner by some Tea Party people, represents a very small minority who while their vocal oppostion keeps the pressure on the GOP, could never govern ,because they do not know the meaning of compromise.

As a followup of the Sudan story,it appears that Israel knocked out thir radar to allow their troops to enter Sudan and destroy the car with the Hamas leader.
In 2009, Israel attacked a convoy in Sudan of suspected arms smugglers.These arms are destined for Gaza ( from Iran)
At present Sudan is on the US State sponsored terrorist list.
It now appears that Ukraine has given Iran a fe cruise missiles.

The Iron Dome anti-missle unit has now shot down 9 missiles since being placed into operation.It will take 2 years to have enough missile batteries to cover the Negev.

So far the Obama Libyan effort is a total failurer .US General Conrad Ham told a Senate committee that US ground troops may be needed.In the meantime we are told that American troops may be neeeded in Iraq for many years years.A LA KOREA? GERMANY? etc.