Thursday, April 28, 2011


With great happiness we announce that Brina and Elli Ganchrow had a boy this evening.Mother and baby are doing well.

Sadly the new Govt. of Egypt has announced that in 10 days they will totally open the Egyptian-Gaza border.This is a violation of a 2005 accord between Israel,Egypt ,the US,and the EU that in essence said the EU would monitor the border,and prevent illgal arms from entering Gaza.
This and the unity pact yesterday betwen the PA and Hamas shows exactly how much an agreement is worth with an Arab entity.

Another sad event-Superman is renouncing his US citizenship.Perhaps this burst of lack of patriotism is what we should expect in this age of Obama's feeling that there is no American EXCEPTIONALISM

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pesach / Scott Hellet / Birthers /

Of course we look forward to Pesach.Howevever the flip side is that for those of us who go to hotels the calorie count goes out the door.In addition this year we are waiting for our daughter-in-law to give birth,and that adds a little tension to our expectations.
I spoke 3 times at the Granit Hotel (Hudson Valley Resort).The most interesting was entitled "Examining Obama's Narcissism"

The appointment of Cong Scott Heller to take over the seat that Sen. Ensign is giving up, reasonably assures that the seat will remain in Republican hands in Nov.2012.

I am not an advocate of conspiracy theories.Howevever, as I looked at Obama's face when he blasted the press and his critics over the birthing issue,2 thoughts came to mind.
Why didn't he do this months ago? Why did he personally have to get on Tv,and not have a staff person do it? Looking at his face,I had the feeling that somehow this is not the whole truth.

The announcement of Hamas-PA that they have reconciled their differences only means that under no circumstances can there be negotiations or peace with Israel.
If you look at the UN. today you get sick.Syria is in line for a seat on the Human Rights Council,and the UN Swecurity Council cannot publicly condemn them for over 400 civilian deaths.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chag Kasher V'Sameach / Incitement/ NATO / PAUL RYAN

This will be the last blog until after the Pesach holiday.Allow me to wish all of you a Chag Kasher Vesameach.

It is hard to believe that 2 teenagers from an Arab village near Itamar,in a premeditated manner killed and butchered the 5 Fogel family members in Itamar.Without remorse,their only regret is that theey did not kill more family members.
This hatred is a direct result of the incitement campaign instituted by Abbas, in the Arab tradition of destroying the "infidel".
Any left winger who thinks peace is possible, need only look at the history of the pogroms in Palestine pre-State.Yes, you can have quiet and peace for A FEW YEARS.hOWEVER IT IS IN THEIR GENES,---DESTROY AND MURDER the JEW
That is what they learn in their textbooks,their mosques and media."
The fact is that the anti-semitism seen in Europe and the UN, has not changed,except for a short post-Holocaust hiatus,when it was not fashionable to express these inner feelings.
Sadly it appears Bibi is holding back on building in E. Jerusalem for fear of offending "our friend-Obama".
Perhaps it is time for Bibi to go--and allow a tougher approach to the Arabs and Obama.

Everyday as you read of bickering in NATO, you wonder what is the real value of this organiztion.Sans the U.S. they don't have enough planes or munitions.American bombs are not interchangeable on NATO bomb racks.Ghadaffi is making Obama look like a loser.
Never start a war you don't intend to win and finish.Right now Obama looks weak and unable to lead the "free world".

The more you see Paul Ryan expound on our fiscal problems,the more you realize he has bested Obama except in the eyes of the left wing media,and partisan Dems.Whether he would be a candidate for Pres. in '12 as the Weekly Standard discusses in an op-ed by Bill Kristol or not,he is a super-star, and he will be the intellectual leader of the GOP in the coming years.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bibi in Washington / IRAN / LIBYA

On Dec 16 I blogged that now with the Republicans in control of the House,they should sponsor a Jerusalem Recognition Day.I also called 2 frioends,one a national leader,and one the head of a Pac,close to Cong. Lehntinan suggesting that as we did years ago,an invitation should be sent to Bibi to address a Joint session of Congrtess.Neither felt it was feasible.
Today Speaker Boehner announced he will invite Bibi for a Joint Session.

As more and more becomes known about the role of Iran in subversion in the ME.the less tolerable it is.
The US points a finger at Syria,where Iran is involved.They are supplying new rockets to Hamas.In addition they arer fomenting mayhem in Bahrain.This is is addition to accelerating their nuclear program`

The political blogs report that tomorrow the US-France-UK will publicly push NATO nations to accelerate their help for the Libyan rebels.For us it is all talk.The rebel units are in such bad shape,that neither arms nor training would suffice at this time.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Assad / Statehood

It is amazing that the administration treats Assad with kid gloves.Not only have hundreds been killed following peaceful demonstrations,but Assad has called in the 11,000 strong Shabbiha,which are Alewite youth goons.Their specialty is smuggling.
Even as the demonstrations continue,there are those like Sen. Kerry who have had a love-feast with Assad,and still call him either a reformer-or potential reformer.
Where is the logic?
Mubarek was our friend,he protected US interests and the Israeli peace process.Of course he was a typical Arab ruler,but loyal to us.
Him we threw under the train.
Assad is a tool of Iran.It is the intermediary between Iran and Hezbollah and Hamas.It supports terror in the ME, and was involved in the Hariri murder in Lebanon.He is a despot and anti-American.
Him we treat with kid gloves.

The Palestinians are issuing all kinds of PR papers that they are ready for "statehood.
How so?
The PA does not control Gaza,and the Gaza military daily shells civilians and a member State of the UN.
Other than charity,the PA has no airport, seaport, currency ,AND LITTLE INDUSTRY..
The President of the PA is serving despite the fact that his term has terminated.
How can you have a State,which is abrogating all its written commitments under Oslo and other meetings which declares that all actions regarding Jerusalem,borders and refugees must be negotiated directly with Israel.
The whole statehood issue is a joke,and Bibi should not rise to appease these hooligans.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Saudi Arabia / Bush and Christie

There are reports that Saudia Arabia has warned the US that if the Iranians start up their nuclear reactor at Buscher there might be an explosion similar to the Japanese reactor explosion..The Saudis are quite upset with America ,and may have turned down an American arms deal.

The quartet has cancelled their meeting on the ME, because the US has convinced them that only direct negotiations between Israel and the PA can lead to a Palestinian State, and not a vote by the General Assembly.

Today I was discussing the GOP potential candidates for the Presidency, we both expressed total disappointment in their ability to win.I then suggested that 2 candidates that are not running,could inspire the party and the nation.They are Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie.
When I came home and looked at Politico they have a story on that suggestion.However, they add Gen. Petraeus.He has no potical history,and is slated for the CIA. Recently he warned against the individual who burned the Quran, and gave the murderers who rioted because of the burning, an excuse.
Yes we wants to protect his soldiers.Howevever that is not the Amarican way.Freedom of speech gives the right to KKKers to march through a Jewish area.
As a Florida resident,Jeb is probably the most attractive of the Bush dynasty and he has a terrific rercord.
While one can criticize Christie for just being on the Job a short period of time,Obama's record was nothing to be proud of when he initially ran.It is the perception of the people,and the economy that will make the final judgement.
Perhaps we have had enough of people with long lists of previous political positions.We need political courage and the ability to stand up for conservative principles.

Monday, April 11, 2011

2012 Budget

When President Obama delivered his State of the Union address, and subsequent 2012 budget, there was no mention of true debt reduction.Nor was there discussion of the true fiscal deterioration of our growing unsustainable debt.
It was obvious that he thought that the elections in 2010 were a fluke,and he could go on his merry spending spree.
After his SOTU adddress before a joint session of Congress,Cong. Paul Ryan gave a response for the Republicans.He is an impressive intellectul figure,but liitle attention was given to him by the media.
Suddenly the tables have turned.After the Republican win on the 2010 budget which saw the President being pulled into the debate at the last minute,a new phenomona occurred.
Ryan issued his 2012 budget,and even those who disagree have pointed out that he has changed the debate.His vision to tackle the trillions in defecits now forces Obama to come up with a whole new budget calling for cuts,and tax increases on the wealthy.
Obama known that the majority of Rep. House members have signed pledges--NO NEW TAXES,so this is a non-starter.
The upcoming debate on the debt limit, will pit the 2 parties against each other.But no longer is the debate whether to cut-it is now HOW MUCH AND WHERE?
Kudos to Cong. Ryan for changing the whole atmosphere.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Budget deal / Sudan / Iron Dome

The budget deal was a victory for the GOP and Boehner.You have to have a good set of BETZIM for Obama who wanted no budget cut,now stands up and praises the deal,and implies he is responsible for it.It is the same attitude when the last tax bill was passed,avoiding a tax increase for wealthy Americans.
Truthfully this is all a warmup for the battle to increase the debt ceiling and the 2012 Ryan budget.
The attacks on Boehner by some Tea Party people, represents a very small minority who while their vocal oppostion keeps the pressure on the GOP, could never govern ,because they do not know the meaning of compromise.

As a followup of the Sudan story,it appears that Israel knocked out thir radar to allow their troops to enter Sudan and destroy the car with the Hamas leader.
In 2009, Israel attacked a convoy in Sudan of suspected arms smugglers.These arms are destined for Gaza ( from Iran)
At present Sudan is on the US State sponsored terrorist list.
It now appears that Ukraine has given Iran a fe cruise missiles.

The Iron Dome anti-missle unit has now shot down 9 missiles since being placed into operation.It will take 2 years to have enough missile batteries to cover the Negev.

So far the Obama Libyan effort is a total failurer .US General Conrad Ham told a Senate committee that US ground troops may be needed.In the meantime we are told that American troops may be neeeded in Iraq for many years years.A LA KOREA? GERMANY? etc.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rockets in Gaza / Washington shutdown

In 2010 238 rockets and mortars were fired from Gaza into southern Israel.This year with only more than a quarter of the year completed we have seen 200 rockets from the terrorists.
Yesterdays attack was especially serious,because it was aimed and hit a school bus, injuring 2 students.
The bus was painted yellow ,and there is no question that the perpertrators saw the target,since it was an anti-tank weapon,which fires from a limited distance.
The fact that Hamas today declared a cease-fire is to try to prevent a massive Israeli response.
Israel as we have said previously is being careful not to have such a response at this time in order to avoid diverting attention rom Syria etc.
Hamas is playing with fire and had there been a large number of student deaths on that bus, the Israeli public would not countenance a mild response.
It was great to see that the Iron Dome anti-missile system worked successfully yesterday in preventing a rocket from hitting Ashkelon.The problem is that the system is expensive and will not solve all the problems at any given time.
The US has given money to help develop and produce more units.

The impending shutdown of our country really underlines the huge schism between the liberals who never saw a program thet didn't want to fund,and the conservatives who are trying to balance the budget.
Of course this cycle the social conservatives and tea party advocates are trying to place riders with these extensions dealing with policy issues like abortion and NPR.
Personally, in view of the Paul Ryan 2012 budget,I believe that is a better venue to debate these issues.Yes the Republicans won Congress on these issues,but they failed to win the Senate(because they put up cooky candidates in Nevada and Delaware) so the issues will not go away.Nor can they really win with Obama in the WH.
I would have suggested that if the administration agreed to go to the Supreme Court and ask (with the State AG's)for an expedited review of Obamacare,then we could have a ruling on its constitutionality within a year ,and not 2-3 years as currently orchestrated-Then the issue of funding Obamacare might be put aside for this year.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


A major Hamas terrorist,involved in smuggling poison gas and other explosive weapons into Gaza, was killed in an auto in Sudan, METHOD UNKNOWN.
The other case involves the Hamas "engineer" who was abducted in Eastern Europe on a train,and has now been indicted in israel as being the mastermind of improving the efficiency and deadliness of rockets in possession of Hamas.
Such events,make the comfort zone of terrorists much restricted.

The move by Assad to allow teachers who had been dismissed for wearing full head coverings back to teach,indicates that he feels threatened bt the Islamists.His time is coming

Human Rights Watch has now documented that journalists are tortured in both Gaza and the West Bank.As we know there is no reason for "progressives" to support any Arab cause.
No women's rights
No freedom of religion
No gay rights
No court or rule of law
No freedom of the press
No right to criticize the govt.
etc ,etc
There is only one country in the ME with such properties.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Arizona Law / Govt. shutdown / NATO

The Supreme Court decision yesterday,affirming an Arizona law regarding tax credits is very welcome.In essense the law which was upheld, allows tax credits to those who support school scholarship funds,even if the schools are religious institutions.Since the funds are not coming from the State,but from individuals,the Court found there is no issue of seperation of Church-State.

Question -who (which political party)will benefit from a Government shutdown?
The conventional wisdom is that the GOP will be blamed.I am not so sure that the same line of reasoning that allowed Clinton to be re-elected after the last shutdown will apply.
The 2010 election results,together with the dire long term economic picture seemed to portray a public that wants to get our economic house in order.We will not be able to function if we do not bring our rising debt into a level of manageable proportions.Obama and the Dems,did not give us a budget when they had the opportunity. They offer nothing but vague accusations regarding the Tea Party influence.Cong. Ryan is a brave and dynamic leader and while there is much to digest,his 2012 budget plan at least allows room to discuss our main problems.Hopefully we will not allow this opportunity to escape without action.

It looks like a stalemate in Libya.Interestingly the French aircraft are not under NATO.The US is on the sidelines,and the Rebels are getting shmeared.You can always tell when a military force has no disciple,when you see them shooting their weapons into the air,like a bunch of children,and not trained sodiers.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Obama and Libya /Alan Baker / Bre Stephens

President Carter sent 8 helicopters into the desert of Iran in an aborted mission to rescue the American hostages.From that day ,until Ronald Reagan was sworn in,the Americans remained as captives.
This lack of leadership part of the reason he was not re-elected.
Today,US forces have been withdrawn from active overflights in Libya.Ghadaffi is still in place and was seen in public today in Tripoli.The NATO leadership appear in disarray, primarily over "where to from here?"
If the situation stays as it is in the next few weeks,then we have a defeat for the "Obama Doctrine" and for Obama.( and the US)
Clearly, he is way out of his league in these issues.

Alan Baker who is former legal advisor to the Prime Ministers office in Jerusalem,has written an outstanding review of the legal ,moral and political issues related to the UN declaring a Palestinian State.
It can be found on the website of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs,which he heads.

We had the pleasure of hearing Bret Stephens yesterday in Monsey.He is the former Editor of the Jerusalem Post,and currently on the editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal.There was too much information to simply regurgitate.
A few key points include his fear that Egypt will turn toward Iran-today that was evident in a message from Egypt to Iran.
He noted that the average age in Arab countries is under 25-ranging as much as 65% in the Palestinian areas.These people have no jobs.Ecept for oil, the overwhelming number of Jobs in the Arab world are from the government.There is no industry.
Final point is related to the difference between "democracy" which people in the street are clamoring for,and "liberal democracy" with a stable govt.,womens rights,free press, right to protest ,the rule of law etc.
He noted that Hamas in Gaza and Hitler in Germany were elected in free elections.