Tuesday, April 03, 2012


A new poll shosw 62% of American Jews want Obama re-elected.This is down from the 78% who voted for him 3 years ago.In a close election in Fla for example that cold be enough to change the results.
The ObamA attack on the S.C. has many sources such as the editorial page of the WSJ attacking him for forgetting Marbury vs Madison.The priciple of overturning unconstitutional laws has a 121` case precedent.
To me he appears as a bully.Primarily he uses the bully pulpit of the WH .to attack from.When he attacks Republicans., they can answer.Here, the Justices cannot retort until their decision is rendered,and then only in the form of a written legal opinion.
I assume Obama's attack is because either he believes or WAS TIPPED OFF that his plan is going down the tube.