Monday, April 30, 2012

sad facts

The American Jewish Committee just published a study showing 61% of Jews voting for Obama-down from 78% 4 years ago.This is primarily due to secular Jews.
I would bet orthodox Jews the number would be less than 20% voting for Obama.
If they never attended a synagogue it is 67% -this represented  31% of the group.
If they attended a synagogue once a week-then 52% are for Obama.This was 14% of group.

59% never visited Israel.19% visited once,and 21% more than twice-these numbers were related to synagogue attendance.

It is sad to see Ehud Olmert blast Bibi here in the US joining the former heads of Mossad and intelligence.all of whom for personal vengeance and political bitterness undermine the Israeli position
on the approach to Iran.

Whether the decision of the AG in Israel to talk about a possible upcoming decision on an indictment of Avigdor Lieberman has any role in his decision to bolt the coalition is not clear.