Sunday, April 01, 2012

race relations---the S.C.

I watched the dialogue between Piers Morgan and Taure over the Zimmerman case.The MSNBC commentator who I have never heard of before was enlightening.
Taure was full of hate and cliches, and convicted Zimmerman without any finding from the police or a grand jury.
Morgan was totally professional and at the end not only stood his ground but placed Toure in his place-as a non-professional.

It appears to me that race relations has gotten much worse since Obama became President.If he loses,the black community might be in shell-shock.
The amateur act of a member coming on the floor of Congress in a hoodie is a disgrace.
Why is it that liberal commentators opine that if the Supreme Court overturns Obamacare it represents a victory of politics over what is good for the country(policy),yet if the opposite were done ,that would not apply-despite the majority of Americans being against the law. .