Sunday, April 15, 2012

Passover -- postone the Iranian talks--Women

Reading the story of the Exodus in the Hagadah of Passover is quite dissimilar to the Pesach vacations that are part and parcel of our lives.
The basic problem is that grandparents want to bring their families together-followed by the fact that women are pleased when offered an opportunity to have a whole holiday, without cooking and changing the dishes etc.
On top of this as long as you are going away, you might as well aim for a region with good weather-for swimming-golf and tennis.
So,you have financially able grandparents-parents bringing 10-25 family members together to a five star hotel .Every year more and more hotels open -or try to open for the holiday, at increasing costs.
After a while the whole picture loses its religious or spiritual flavor.
The problem is if you want to bring the family together,and your home cannot accomodate the crowd-what are the alternatives?

The Iranian conference is already off to a ridiculous start-hold off further discussions for the end of May.In the meantime Iran can working on its nuclear programs-Does anyone believe there will be progress?

I am quite shocked that Mitt is a few points ahead of Obama-in light of the vicious primary fight.Morever the fact that Obama cannot hit 50% is a sign that he is in trouble.Of course Nov is a long way off.The WH attempt to attack Ann Romney has backfired.As someone pointed out Hilary Rosen has been in the WH more than Panetta and other administration leaders.