Thursday, April 26, 2012


One of the greatest conflicts in Israeli life  centers around the secular-religious divide.While the settler-nationalistic Zionist community has become such a part of the IDF,that some in the secular world co- mplain it is too much..They fear the influence of the Hesder yeshivoth in military affairs.
A more serious problem is the failure of the Haredi community to serve in the army ,while collecting stipends from the govt. for yeshiva attendance.Sadly this not only brings hatred upun the orthodox,but as these people marry and have many children they have no means of getting a good job, and depend upon govt.
The Tal law which tried to smooth over the problem was declared unconstitutional by the Court.Now is the time for the Knesset to come up with a new law.
Yesterday FM Lieberman advanced a law mandating all to join govt. service or the army while allowing 1000  students to be exempt-instead of the 60,000 currently excused.
Those who fail to report would be deprived of govt.grants.
In general I support such an approach.
I believe that the numbers excused should be 5% of the applicants=3000, who should have to  take an exam to prove they are top flight candidates worthy to be considered Judges, Rabbinic teachers, and scholars.
If the haredi  community balks-then they have a problem 
howevever the defense of the country is everyones responsibility.