Tuesday, April 24, 2012

obama / govt bonuses / shirtless judge/ armenia

Fot the life of me I do not understand how independents can vote for Obama.His rhetoric  is full of mean attacks but without any solid accomplishments.For the first 2 years of his term, he had a Dem. majority in both Houses,yet nothing except "cash for clunkers" the bailout and Obamacare were enacted.
All terrible mistakes.Gasoline, unemployment and the economy as well as our debt are all on the  wrong side of the ledger.
Other than killing OBL, his foreign policy has been weak and devoid of leadership.

This concept that govt. employees should get bonuses simply for showing up, or arranging a party is ludicrous.The Senate amendment approved today about limits on conventions, spending and listing all expenses etc. on the internet is a step in the right direction.The program whereby the govt helps pay off student loans in order to keep govt employees sounds reasonable for doctors, nurses, scientists and other hard to replace positions.However most jobs especially in this job market do not need taxpayer incentives every 6 months  to convince workers like clerks etc. to stay on the job. This program has gotten out of hand.

The Judge who sent an e-,ail to his female clerk in a shirtless pose, should be censured by the appropriate body.His clerk is a married woman, and the husband complained.

For the fourth year ,Pres. Obama did not keep his campaign promise to label the GENOCIDE of the Armenians by name.His fear-offending Turkey.