Sunday, April 22, 2012


I WATCHED SOME OF THE BAIL HEARING IN THE ZIMMERMAN CASE.While I am not a lawyer ,nor do we have all the evidence,a number of things seem clearer.
The lead investigator has no evidence that Zimmerman did not turn around after being told that he should not follow Tryvon.
The lead detective cannot say who  started the fight and apparently how Zimmerman was on the bottom.
There is no evidence of racism, bias, stalking or any violation of "stand your ground".
How to justify a second degree murder charge is hard to UNDERST ,EXCEPT IT WAS NOT BASED ON THE EVIDENCE,  BUT ON  THE NEED TO COOL THE MOB MENTALITY.
The appearance of Zimmerman was a suprise, but he handled himself in a mature and calm manner.
The question is can he get a fair trial in that County?

The Iranians are claiming that they have broken the codes on the Drone that fell on their territory.Based on the history of Iranian bluster we do not know if they are telling the truth.However Obama made a huge error in not having our planes or drones destroy the downed drone to prevent this from happening.HIS WHOLE APPROACH TO THE IRANIANS HAS BEEN TALK AND BLUSTER,BUT NO "TACHLIS".