Monday, April 23, 2012

turkey vetoes israel / pollard / female agents

The news that Turkry has the right to veto the attendance of Israel at the Chicago NATO meeting is quite upsetting. Howevever, if I was Israel and the decision could not be changed,I would rent a ballroom in the same or nearby hotel and have a conference and cocktail party for the NATO delegates with or without Turkey..The goal-to embarress Erdogan  and to show his small-mindedness and anti-semitism.

As President Peres is about to be honored at the White House, he should make a STRONG PUBLIC STATEMENT REGARDING THE RELEASE OF POLLARD.
The 3 religious streams have joined in a statement calling on  the President to do so.
If he refuses, then Peres should turn down the award.

The suggestion that had there been female agents in Columbia, the sex scandal would not have occurred is ridiculous.Unless they were suggesting that the agents would have sex with each other and keep the hanky panky in-house. You might have to look for male prostitutes, unless the females were lesbians.