Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mitt in Israel

It is interesting that over the past 3 years when Obama made a bunch od diplomatic gaffes re; England  including Michelle putting her hand on  the Queen's back,an inappropriate Obama toast ,and his present of a tape of his speeches to the Queen, neither the liberal press here or in the UK made any big deal about it.Howevever they have been all over  Mitt for his truthful comment about the Olympics
Obama went all out to try and undercut Mitt. The signing ceremony for additional Drone funding was opposed by Obama,but put into the budget by Congres after a strong push by GOP committee chairmen.
Jack Lew is coming to NY tomorrow to speak to the JCRC.
Yet, the Romney speech on and in Jerusalem was outstanding.As Gorge Will points out, the Evangelicals besides some Jews will br moved.   

Nice $7000 jacket Michelle wore in London!

We leave tomorrow for 3 weeks in Europe on 2 Kosherica cruises, where I will serve as Scholar-in-residence.

Rasmussen points out that Romney is exactly where Obama was 4 years ago in his polling --