Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The news that Mitt Romney will spend 2 days in Israel,meeting leaders is a welcome event. He will have a $60,000 a plate fundraiser and will deliver a major address on the middle east.
Two Republican leaders, Ari Fleisher and Matt Brooks have left for Israel in order to stimulate absentee ballot registration.
It is estimated that there are 100,000 American citizens in Israel who could vote.Those from Florida, Nevada and Penn. could help pushing Mitt over the top.
It is still a close race, especially in swing states.

The fact that Mitt was booed  at the NAACP shows poor respect for the office of a Presidential candidate, and a lack of self respect for those who booed.
Common courtesy should have dictated silence.
When I was Pres. of the OU, we had a debate scheduled between Arik Sharon and Yussie Beilin.Of course our delegates favored Sharon.
In the morning I told everyone.Beilin is a guest in our home-Do not embarrass us by being disrespectful.The group was terrific.
Similarly AIPAC has told their delegates not to boo speakers that we do not agree with.
NAACP should learn a lesson.