Monday, July 23, 2012


We came back to NJ today,to prepare for Tisha B'av, and then off to Europe for our cruises.
Beyond the movie massacre, is the Syrian situation.
For the first time Assad admitted he has chemical weapons.We know his father used it on his own people.The dangers are many.
Losing control of them to the rebels-some of them are Ql Quida
handing them over to Hezbollah to use against Israel
attacking Israel himself to divert attention
Imagine if Iran were to get the Bomb,how difficult it would be to control their terror threats.At present Assad threatens to use them against an external enemy  only.
Remember it would take only 2 hours to remove weapons fro Syria to Lebanon.
As usual Obama is impotent.What good is a threat to Assad that the world would not forget the use of these weapons, if by then 100,000 ISRAELIS HAD DIED?

  As I said last week, he is in way over his head, and should step aside.
As Pres Peres said today, Israel is now in an open war with Iran.