Thursday, July 12, 2012

TAL negotiations ,youtube / Hezbollah

As of  now, there is no agreement between Kadimah and the Coalition regarding the Tal law, exempting Haredi students from military service.Whether they will extend the deadline,come to some agreement or break up the coalition,I would not venture a guess.AFTER ALL THIS IS ISRAEL

 My son Elli called to say that on YOUTUBE.COM/GANCHROW there was a lady in Denver from a Hebrew book store explaining  what my book Sasson Vesimcha was about(sheva brachot).
I called her and told her about the new book.

 Yesterday I was on a TIP conference call with Ehud Eilam, an expert on the military situation in Israel.
I had submitted a question regarding how Israel would act if Hezbollah tried to transfer weapons including poison gas from Syria to Lebanon.?
He answered that it was a difficult situation,as Israel does not want to get involved in Syria-=for many reasons.If they attacked Syria ,then there might be a reactionnfrom Syria on the Golan.If they attacked Hwzbollah in Lebanon, Hezbollah could  unleash up to 800 rockets/day from a 60,000 weapon stockpile.