Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Minuet with Hillary / ARIEL U. / ADELSON / BYE BYE MOFAZ

I have a description in my autobiography  of the meeting between Hillary Clinton and myself,Marcel Weber then Chairman of the OU Board and Rabbi Butler then Exec V.P. of the OU in the OU office as she started her campaign for the Senate.The chapter is entitled "My Minuet with Hillary".
One of the issues we discussed was Johnathan Pollard,She was against releasing him on humanitarian grounds then,and now years later took the same tack when she was in Israel.
Today there is a truly magnificent op-ed in the WSJ by Bret Stephens which totally wipes out any objective conclusion that she has been a successful Sec. of State.
Yes she has been loyal to the Pres., and kept faraway from Bill, but accomplishments=ZERO.
One line in the op-ed points to the only world leader she bawled out was Bibi Netanyahu, while she gave passes to Putin etc over Syria, Iran  and other despots.
Anyone who believes that she has been a TRUE friend of Israel is really enamored with her PR machine.

Congratulations to the newest UNIVERSITY in Israel ARIEL, which moved from a college to U. status  despite opposition from other universities and the left
.They have 14,000 students, 95 % from within the Green Line, 5% Arabs -plus many Ethiopians.

Another set of kudos to Sheldon Adelson for another 13 million dollar gift to Birth Right, which will enable thousands of additional young men and women to go to Israel.G-d should bless him for these gifts, and his support of pro-Israel candidates in this years election.

As I've said many times you cannot predict Israeli politics.The 91 or so days of merger with Mofaz has come to an end.Yes the Tal law was important however the future actions vs. Iran really require broad
political support.
I have no idea what the polls will show, but I would find it hard to believe that Kadimah helped itself with this quickie marriage-divorce.Nor will Bibi look like a winner for his short-sighted merger in order to avoid an election he would have won easily.