Sunday, July 01, 2012


My hat is off to the W.H., the liberal press such as the NYT and WP as well as such politicos as Pelosi and Sen. Lahey. Their warnings to the Roberts Court after Citizens United, caused the Chief Justice to do some mental gymnastics, to allow him to come down with a decision that saved the Obama plan,yet knocking out its reliance in the Commerce Clause.
In essence he saved the"reputation" of the Court.from the left.
This type of pressure is seen everywhere in our society.
Take all the marches and campaigns for AIDS. Yes AIDS is a bad disease,however  it can be mostly prevented ( in non-hemophiliacs) by abstinence and safe sex.The Gay community pushed and popularized this.
Yet,the Alzheimer campaigns,helping with a disease which affects millions through no fault of their own,and is a growing publichealth epidemic  is dwarfed by AIDS.
The political power of the homosexual community    which is certainly a small minority of our population-perhaps 1-2% ,has captured the Democratic Party and the liberal media-thus same sex "marriages".
They have huge amounts of money for their cause.A normal family with 2-3 children in our Orthodox
community spends 40-80 thousand dollars on tuition in elementary-H.S. annually.Plus synagogue dues,charity above and beyond normal household expenses.
Absent that, you have plenty of money to spend on liberal causes,and to push the liberal agenda so that it becomes politically correct to espouse these causes.
One has laugh when you see a headline in a Anglo-Jewish paper  quoting a "Rabbi" saying the those Jewish streams (Orthodox) that don't join the same sex bandwagon are missing their place in Jewish destiny.
Unfortunately I will not be around, but I will place my great-grandchildren (AND PEOPLE LIKE ME) against their progeny from a Jewish point of view in 50-75 and 100 years.
As an aside my grandson Jack Ganchrow leaves tomorrow for a summer in Israel-he is a student at TABC.Another grandchild Zachary Ratzker returned last week from Israel after a year of Yeshiva study, and starts Yeshiva College in the fall.