Thursday, June 28, 2012


The Roberts decision on the surface is an Obama victory.Yet there is much danger ahead for him as a result.
1- with polling showing close to 60% favoring repeal, this will be a dominant issue-along with the economy.
2- The House will vote to repeal on July 11,and the Senate will not go along.However, it will keep the issue alive.
3-In 2010 the Tea Party victory came about because  people were angry and motivated.If the GOP keeps pushing the theme of " the greatest tax increase in the history of the Republic", a similar outpouring could tip the election.The question will,this decision reduce the anxieties of Dem voters and lower  their voting numbers.
4-With the penalties for employers with more than 50 employees in place
how many will, choose to pay the fine(tax) rather than insurance?
how many will ,stop hiring ? 
will the economy nosedive as a result of new taxes,no new employment.austerity in municipal-state govt plus the European sovereign debt crisis causing a huge recession-depression?

This is not the end -but rather the middle of a historic saga-
For Romney the economy AND A WEAK HISPANIC SHOWING TO DATE makes Rubio or Ryan logical VP choices.