Sunday, June 03, 2012

Obama -the failure

For the sake of argument let us for the moment accept all of Obama's arguments
The economy is Bush's fault
The economy is because of Europe
The Reps in the Congress have blocked his program
He has created many jobs
He saved us from depression

Wait--He ran 4 years ago on HOPE AND CHANGE-
He ran on tranparency and a promise to bring the nation together
The people gave him a Democratic House and Senate -veto-proof-filibuster proof-
He promised to lopwer the defecit-AND lower unemployment.
OR he would be a one term President.
The people punished him in 2010, because he did not deliover.Instad of being Clintonesqe and moving to the cnter, he doubled down and started a negative re-election campaign.If he can't fix it in 3 years he has no right to ask for an extension

Right now, he appears to be a man who is desperate-running up and down campaign platforms like a kid at a H.S. basketball game and it is the same  ATTACK-ATTACK- ATTACK.

His team appears shocked that their attacks on Romney and his team because of Bain, or being Women haters- Black haters--Hispanic haters- all have flopped.
But even as Booker, Clinton Fitzpatrick and many Dem leaders have ridiculed the false Bain attacks-the President has nothing else, and is doubling down.
Why doen't he demand the Dems in the Senate take up all the Rep. bills waiting for action?
For 2 years with  Congressional majority he pushed through Obamacare in a secretive manner.By the end of the month will it still  be costitutional?
He pushed through his cash for clunkers-which drove all the used cars off the market.
His failed stimulus created a few jobs at a cost of a few hundred thousand per job, but didn't touch the economy.

He doesn't deserve another term, because he is way over his head.
Yes Romney invested money-to make money.
He understands business
Obama never worked a day in his life,and sorrounded himself with left wing economic academicians

Last Friday was im my mind a turning point as America finally saw the dangers of collape under OBAMA