Thursday, June 07, 2012

my book on kindle 'Chavez / facelift

my publisher informs me that my autobiography JOURNEY THROUGH THE MINEFIELDS-fron Vietnam to Washington, will be available in 24 hours on  Kindle,and a nook on Barnes and Noble.
My new bool on bar/bat mitvzh will be mailed from the publisher June 22.

A few monthe ago,without too many reak knowledge,I assumed that Pres Hugo Chavez had a perforated colon cancer-with a poor prognosis.It now seems he has something worse-a rhabdomysarcoma with an even more terrible progmosis.

Debbie Boone has a pretty face,good voice and pleasnt personality.She is the spokesperson for a "lifestyle Lift" commercial.The gist is that you be be young looking again with plastic surgery/Fair enough.
However,the very small print on the bottom is not legible,
Who is the surgeon/s?
Where is rhe location?
Are they Board Ceretified?
and so on.