Wednesday, June 06, 2012

exit polls

Last nite I came home just berfore  9Pm and put on the tv.I watched CNN and MSNBC who informed us that the exit polls showed a 50-50 race.I was shocked aftrer all the pre-election polls showed a 6.5 victory for Walker.
Of course we know the results.
Now the Dems are confident that Obama will carry the state, since these SAME exit polls showed he was ahead by 7 points.Remember, he carried the state by 14 in'08. But the state elected Sen. Johson and Gov Walker in'10.
What with 2 municipalities today in Calif. voting about 70 % to lower public employees pensions and benefits.if I were a Dem.,I would worry about a taxpayer wave in'12.

As a veteran,I think the failure of the President to once  again mention D-Day speaks volumes.

My only complaint about the elction fever,is that for the next 5 months that is all we will hear about on Cable TV.It was  better when Labor Day inaugurated the campaign season.

Debbie Wassermsn the big-outh head of the Dem. campaign committee sais Wisconsin was critical for '12. The MSNBC talking head said that the Walker win was a victory for Obama.
I guess when the Supreme Court throws away the Obamacare facade as a constitutional piece of legislation,Dems will be dancing in the street because of the Obama victory.