Sunday, June 24, 2012


I was watching live on Al Gezeera the Election Comm  results from Cairo that gave the election to the Moslem Brothood's candidate Morsi.
The questions are many;
1-will he keep his word and invite secularists and non MB members into the Cabinet?
2-What role will the Military play.-Have they weakened their hand by allowing the MB to run in the election? Remember in Turkey  the military was in essence marginalized by the Islamists.
3-What will happen with the treaty with Israel? will they rearm the Sinai? put the Israeli traty up for a popular vote,so they can say "they support the treaty, but it is the people who object?
4-What will be their relationship with Hamas-currently strained? and with Iran?
5-With their long range plan to make all of the ME "Islamist" how will they interact with the US under Obama? under Romney?