Thursday, June 14, 2012


The President's 50 minute campaign speech (fillibuster? ) did not play well with the press corps.
Too much lecturing-nothing new!

The liberal media is raising questions about Sheldon Adelson who just gave Romney PAC  10 million dollars.How come we don't hear the same complaints about George Soros who gave 25 million to Obama in trhe last campaign.-Or the 4.5 million supposedly raised tonite at Jessicas Parkers middle class abode.?

The  mess in Cairo proves again, demonstrations in the absence of a HISTORY OF DEMOCRACY, OR A "REBBI"  to teach the rule of law,= rights, a free press and judiciary etc, is bound to lead to chaos or ISLAM (OR BOTH)

Elliot Abrams said today, that when he told then PM Ehud Olmert that Bush would not bomb the Kadir nuclear reactor in Syria,(Cheney wanted th US to do it).Olmert stopped cooperating with the US, and bombed the reactor himself in Sept 2007.
The 2 points-
1-Israel may have to go it alone against Iran
2-Having the right people,and the right decision beats proper process at making the decision(in answer to the comptrollers mreport on the Tutkish ship)