Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I was informed today that my latest book  COMING OF AGE-VESHINANTEM LEVANECHA ,VEDIBARTA BAM  will be shipped and released this weekend.
This is the third of the simcha trilogy,the first dedicated to sheva brachot, the second to bris milah and this to bar/bat mitzvah.
There are 81 contributors to this volume.All proceeds go to NCSY.
THE CHAPTER ARE ARRANGED ACCORDING TO THE PORTIONS OF THE TORAH.There are also chapters on the Jewish holidays and chapters  written for the deaf bar mitzvah boy, the handicapped and preparing a young lady for bat mitzvah.
There is also a chapter on the relationship of the bar/bat mitzvah to the holu city of Jerusalem.
What is interesting is that the Torah messages can be "mixed and matched"with chapters in the first 2 volumes.
I am deeeply appreciative of all those who helped make this possible.