Monday, June 04, 2012

nanny mike / open e-mails

As one who is overweight, I know the dangers of obesity.
Most overweight people try for years every diet in the world.
This past week I heard about Dr. Bo's growth hormone pills fron Canada. Legal? safe?
The bottom line as every physician knows, it is self control, exercise, proper diet, and more self-control..
No one can make you lose weight unless you do it yourself!
Thus it is comical to hear of Mayor Bloomberg's edict re; 16 ounce sodas.
If you took all sugary sodas off the market-it would not change the big picture.=ot the obesity rate.
Walk into a theatre and look at the refreshment stand.Dozens of types of candies in mega-size, pop-corn in buckets larger than your head, ice cream etc.
If you want a police state-outlaw them all.Then go to fast food places-force them to omit large sandwiches, shakes etc.
Go down the line and go from food store to supermarket to sweet specialty shops, and prevent anyone overwight from buying a product unless
 A-they have a note from their doctor-
B-from their mother or
C-weigh under 120 pounds for women and 160 for men.

Perhaps we should legislate that anyone who owns their own helicopter cannot serve as Mayor because of noise pollution.or a restriction on owning too many homes outside of NYC.

Oh Yes=How about the movies having a special-2 16 ounce cups attached one to the other?

What I do object to is that in airports , turnpike stops ,etc, you cannot purchase a small coffee or soda.
Everything is MEGA

Today there are rerports of Israeli security agents at the airport forcing questionable visitors to open their e-mails in order to see if they have come to disrupt the country.