Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obama / Peres

Shimon Peres was always a left wing actor.I remember when I was Pres. of the OU, we had a dinner in the Plaza hotel that was televised live.He sat between Sheila and me.
He could not stand me for my strong (r wing) opinions, so much so ,that the whole dinner, he never spoke to me , only to my better half.That was during his brief PM stint after Rabin died.
He was given the Presidency as a "senior" present,and although the Presidency has no official power,he has performed well.This is due to the fact that the lefties in Washington like him better than Bibi.
However, his attack on the committee report that pushes for legalization of Judea-Samaria-Jerusalem buildings is way out of line.

The campaign is getting very dirty,and Obama is not only negative,his ads and statements on Bain,outsourcing  and other economic news is totally false.He ignores the Fact checkers,but it is a long campaign, and in the absence of a RECORD ,the truth will catch up with him.