Monday, July 16, 2012


The Washington Post has a long front page story starting on page 1 this past Sunday,written by a long time anti-Israel correspondent Scott Wilson.
The article which I read, blames Bibi and Obama for lack of progress in ME peace.Not only does Abbas come off as the good guy,but Wilson claims that pre-1948 the Palestinians has a land,that they lost to Israel.
He totally forgets the League of Nations and the UN partition,and the war by Arab countries.
There is an excellent rebuttal in the American Thinker  today by Leo Rennert(can be seen on Real Clear
What is more worrisome, is that a 2nd Obama term would have him place the screws on Israel  regarding  "refugees, settlements, Jerusalem  and  security".
We have to pray that he does not win!

I almost totally forgot about the left wing Israel Policy Forum.Yesterday, they sponsored a letter signed by 40 left-wing Jewish " leaders" calling on Bibi to reject  the Levy report that would legitimize Israel settlements etc. Well a zebra does not change its stripes.