Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Bhutto Assasination

"It's the economy stupid!" is the cry from a not too distant Presidential race.And as America has grown somewhat complacent, the pundits have been saying that once again this will be the key issue-housing,bad debts, taxes, health care and so .
However, the Bhutto assasination, with all its ramifications, point out once again, that in this very dangerous world while the economy is important,our need to survive is numero uno.
Scan the world,and even superficially the scope of the potential problems are evident.

China, as it grows economically, it similarly expands militarily.When will it surpass the US ? and perhaps the developed world? Will they wait forever before attacking Taiwan?What about human rights?

N Korea- will they carry out their obligations under the agreements with the US-China-etc?Their history of compliance is poor.

Russia-is back testing nuclear missiles,and pushing the envelope as to their relations with the West.It is in Putin's interest to stir the pot in the Middle East,and keep energy prices high.In the meantime he supplies a defensive missile shield to Iran, in addition to nuclear fuel.

Iran-whether they stopped building a bomb or not,the fact is they are laying the groundwork for a nuclear bomb, and the missile power to deliver it against Israel etc

Hamas,Hezbollah,Syria, Cuba,Venezuela, and the list goes on-with Al Quada at the vey top.Let us not forget Iraq and Afghanistan,and terrorism in Algeria and nuclear weapons in Pakistan.

Thus,as we look at how the presidential Candidates reacted to todays news,I was reminded of my Student Council elections campaigns in High School. Everyone knew Bhutto, or saw her picture on TV.Everyone has either been to Pakistan ,or would love to go there! Everyone met or plans to meet Mushareff, and everyone (and only THEY) have the EXPERIENCE to lead in this post 9/11 era.
But as I look at all of them, and listen carefully, only one appears Presidential and has the experience -real experience to lead.That person is Sen. John McCain .Yes Rudy would be great on national security, but John has character , honesty and determination.He does not sway with the polls.He is a true American Hero!
By the way-the NYT story on Hillary's experience is a must read-Yes she has traveled-without security clearance, and yes people bounced ideas off of her.That is not the same as experience or leadership. Clinton,Obama and Edwards,do not have a solitary achievement to brag about in their respective Senate careers.
I do not agree with many issues that McCain has fought for,including immigration and the torture issue, but then again I do not believe that there is ANY CANDIDATE who I am in synch
with 100%.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Charlie Wilson's War / The Israel Lobby ? Huckabee on Bush

We went to see Charlie Wilson's War.It is interesting and unlike many recent movies, not anti-American.
Cong Wilson is asked, to support a project involving Muslim Countries.He replies he is worried about the Jews reacting.He is asked,"How many Jews do you have in your district? "
Seven he answers.
Why worry?
Because my campaign funding comes from Jews around the US.
It reminds me of the old Sen Montaya ( D-New Mexico) who when asked why he is so pro-Israel ?, he answered because of the Jewish voters in his State.They probably numbered a few hundred,but they never stopped calling and supporting him.
This is the story of the pro-Israel Community.I finished reading The Israel Lobby (Mearsheimer and Walt ) today.It is much like its original article and Jimmy Carters book.Suffice it to say, we should be proud of what we have accomplished as good and loyal American citizens.We have nothing to be ashamed of.
Doc Long in the movies, was a friend of our community.He visited our home in Monsey ,during his last race.

Incidentally the HUVPAC dinner on March 30, will feature Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D.-NJ) and
Sen John Cornyn (R.-Texas). Reserve the date.


I was reading Gov. Huckabee's article in Foreign Affairs.It is a disgrace for him to label the President's foreign policy as demonstrating an "arrogant bunker mentality".
His goal for the Arab and Muslim world,is to "calibrate a course between maintaining stability and promoting democracy".
Whereas he discusses much of the world,he limits his remarks to Israel by saying " I will not waver in standing by our ally Israel".
In real policy terms ,what does that mean?=NOT ENCOURAGING

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I learned something this weekend regarding earmarks.These "appropriations" by members of the Congress for their pet projects,I always assumed were written into the bills passed by both Houses.Thus we have a "bridge to nowhere" a cultural centers named for for members etc.It turns out there are thousands of these earmarks-perhaps 12,000 that were inserted into the bills.
It now appears, that these earmarks were never formally written into law,but inserted at the Committee level .Thus, technically they can be disregarded by the President and the various Departments.
This is exactly what the President should do!Yes Congress will be upset,but so what!
The first six Bush years were marked by both Republican Congressional and White House fiscal irresponsibility.This year, after the GOP defeat at the polls we see a new approach.
Voters will rerspond positively to this "virtual veto".


It appears Hamas wants a cease-fire.The military push by the IDF and the economic/political pressures they are feeling,are making them cry "uncle".The problem is,that they have no desire to stop terrorism,or the smuggling of weapons,or the training of suicide murderers.Nor do they recognize Israel,or any of the (irrelevant) agreements in the so called " peace- process".
The second they can catch their breath, come out of hiding and refurbish their troops, it will be back to the Kassams.
Olmert is correct in calling their pitiful offer a sham.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

THE VATICAN, The 10th of Teveth

The Latin Patriarch in Israel,a Palestinian Michel Sabbeh, has attacked the concept of Israel as a "Jewish State".
It seems that in attacking the State which was created by UN resolutions as a "Jewish State",and recognized such by the non-Arab world, he seems to forget another "Religious State".
The State of Vatican City ,created in 1929,is ruled by the Bishop of Rome-the Pope.
It is the smallest State in the world.No one envies Roman Catholicism a central geographic area, that is the universal home to the Church.
Why cannot the Jewish people have one State in the world,promised to them in the Old Testament?
Then again, the creation, existance and growth of a Jewish State,has long been an irritant to Vatican theology,and periodically is manifest by attacks on the role of Jews in Jerusalem, and as seen above on Israel as a Jewish Homeland and State.The Latin Patriarch, has never been a friend.


Talking of religion, it was sad to hear today,that the biblical resting places
of Joshua,Calev and Nun have been defaced with feces,swastikas etc.Previously, despite Arafat's promise ,the tomb of Joseph was destroyed.Just as the PA tries to wipe out Temple history and architecture from the Temple Mount,so too is this act one that should be condemned.But acts against Jewish sites,rarely witnesses a world response.
We recall how the Jordanians,abused and destroyed Jewish cemetaries while they controlled part of the city.The Palestinians cannot be trusted.They have no feeling of respect for other religions.Yet, the world never speaks out.
It is not because I say so, but because their record of disgusting behavior proves it so.
Today in the Jewish calendar is the 10th day of Teveth ,a fast day commemorating the beginning of the encirclement of Jerusalem and subsequent destruction of the Temple.It is surely a proper time to take note and mourn.To mourn for how very little the world really cares about Jewish history and survival.
That is why, it is up to us to stand up, and respond when our heritage is denied

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Huckabee / the Donors Conference

The more I see and read of Jim Huckabee, the less I like.Whether his record on pardons, taxes,the Bush foreign policy and his making Christianity the centrum of his campaign,I asm turned off..

Putting whipped cream on this mix, is his telling the NYT magazine section of his admiration for Tom Friedman.

I once sat next to Frieman on the Wash. shuttle,and I told him that I disagreed with just about everything he wrote.
Smart he is! His answer," I don't care if you disagree, as long as you read the column."

Just yesterday I read p 124 in the "Israel Lobby" by Mearsheimer and Walt.( I am preparing for my Pesach speaking at the Hochdorf hotel-I still call it the Granit)They quote an attack on Friedman in 1996 by Mort Klein of the ZOA,and then quote the late David Bar-Illan, then Communications Director for Bibi Netanyahu.Friedman,he wrote should not be given a platform by" any organization that purports to be Zionist."

In my mind nothing has changed-except my feelings toward Huckabee.


The Donors Conference has raised seven Billion dollars for the PA.
Just as in previous times,this is throwing good money after bad.The PA has recieved more money with less results than any other group.
Very often pledges from Arab countries never arrive.
One happy group will be the Swiss Banks,who will be able to add to , or open new accounts from the corruption and kickbacks.
I do not believe Congress should approve the 550 million pledged, until the PA meets their obligations to dimantle terror organizations.
A number of years ago, I testified before the House Foreign Affairs Comm., and urged them to place all approved MEPFA (middle East Peace Facilitation Act funds) into escrow until the PA and Arafat met their obligations.That should be the case now.
Abbas is Arafat in a well tailored suit.This nonsense about settlements being an impediment to peace is just grand-standing. He knows Har Homa will always be part of Israel.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Dr Seymour Jotkowitz a"h

It is with great sadness that I learned this morning of the passing of my old friend,classmate and
colleague Dr Seymour (Skippy ) Jotkowitz A'H .

The 'Skip' or Skippy as he was known,was a warm and dedicated individual, who loved life.He was a husband, father, grandfather and brother .In that role,nothing mattered to him more than family.

He was my classmate in Yeshiva College,and it was there that we began our close friendship.He went on to Medical School,and a practice in Neurology.His keen intellect,and love of learning, allowed him to become a Professor at the Medical School.Even when he was in poor health,he only looked forward to going back to teach.

Skip,was a " colorful" character , and every one of his friends had some piece of folklore about Skip.But, the common thread, was his decency and his humanity.

He was a big BAAL TZEDAKA was something he learned at home.Indeed, his warm personality was developed from his parents of blessed memory,and of whom I fondly recall.

He was an ardent Zionist,and supported Torah institutions in Israel and the US.He never turned down a cause..So often, he would ask me if I needed money for HUVPAC, even though he lived in Teaneck.

He had a wonderful family,and through personal tragedies and illnesss Annette ,his wife ,and the children were there without complaint.


May the family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Israel.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jerusalem/ Steroids /OBAMA

The one and only private mini-conversation I ever had with Condeleeza Rice,occured while George Bush (43 ) was campaigning for his first term. At a meeting of AIPAC officers, Rice spoke about Bush's committment to a strong Israel.
I asked would he move the Emmbassy to Jerusalem,and if she said yes,why should I believe him?After-all , Clinton had said the same thing, and didn't keep his word.
She answered yes on both counts-yes he would move the embassy, and yes we could trust him.Immediately after the meeting, she sought me out,thanked me for asking the question,and reassured me, that when GWB makes a committment-he always keeps his word.Moreover,the very first week in office, he would lay the groundwork for such an event.
Thus it is sad that this week the President exercised the waiver, that allows him to put off the move for another six months.Thus the 1995 will of the Congress is subverted.
There is no reason ,why our Embassy should not be moved to W.Jerusalem,which under every plan, will always be Jewish.


The Democratic leadership in Congress have lost their bearings.We read about it from the pundits,However,I felt it up front on Friday.
A young freshman Congresswoman called me to thank me for HUVPAC's contribution.After thanking her for her support of the US-Israel relationship,I gently pointed out,that the country was not happy with gridlock,and the partisanship.She immediately laid the blame on her Senatorial colleagues.
It is time to stop trying to load up the budget with christmas presents,and complete the agenda,re AMT,defense. budget,anti-terrorism energy,and farm bills.


I have great respect and affection for Sen. Mitchell. IN 1982 or 4, after Judge Mitchell was appointed to the Senate,his polling numbers,in his bid for a full term, were low.Only the pro-Israel PAC,s stepped up to the plate and supported him.He later came to Monsey to thank us.
Thus, I know that as a former Judge and prosecuter he has much experience.
Nevertheless,his baseball investigation ,2 years in the making, leaves too many open questions.
How can we believe that the owners and Leagues were ignorant.?What is their punishment?
What should be done with baseball records and Hall of Fame.?
How do we make it up to ballplayers in the pre-steroid age ,who by natural talents made records that were surpassed?
And what about all the players, who refused to take drugs, and could not compete,and lost much money?
I believe that future contracts must have a clause that would allow owners to to sue players for back pay, if found that they used drugs, and a mechanism to fine owners, who do not police their teams.


I find it incomprehensible that Obama is doing so well.
Truly there are questions regarding his drug use.We are entitled to know the answere to Shaheen's questions.
In my mind there are questions re; how much of the Muslim faith is still within him?
SO FAR, WITH OR WITHOUT OPRAH,he is a 3 year Senate veteran with no ADMINISTRATIVE, EXECUTIVE or FOREIGN POLICY experience.He's cute,has a nice smile,is light on his feet, but what qualifies him to lead our nation?
Being Anti-Bush is not a policy or a vision.It is pure Chicago -style politics.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Todays Palm Beach Post has a bold headline "Israeli military kills 6 in Gaza" and in smaller but still bold type, this page one story say PA say "incursion could undermine peace negotiations"
Only on page 16 in the body of the story does it have the fact noted that 2000 rockets have been fired into Israel since Jan 1.
In addition the story talks about the Har Homa building project being in"the traditionally Arab area"
The lead co-author of the story, which originates from the Los Angeles Times is Rushdi Abu Alouf.
I called the Post's editor to complain, regarding the emphasis (which made it seem that the Israelis were up to derailing the peace talks) and the facts re; Har Homa.
The front Page editor Bill Rose called me back,and we had a pleasant substative discussion.
He knew even before I called, that the headlines were not balanced.I pointed out that yesterday 20 Kassams hit Sderot,and the Mayor (Eli Moyal) resigned because he could not protect his citizens.
What role does 2000 kassams play on the willingness of Israelis to make concessions for peace? How would we react in a similar situation?
In regard to Har Homa, I pointed out that it was originally a forest.The land is within the municipal borders of Jerusalem,and was expropriated primarily from Jews and some Arabs. It is today a large middle class community.I invited him to visit Israel which he had never done.I also invited him to Google Har Homa to check on my presentation( I had done that earlier,even though I was there for the groudbreaking with Mayor Olmert,and many times thereafter)
The key point is to immediately call your radio/TV /newspaper if you feel their coverage is biased.If you are calm, courteous and armed with facts, they will often be appreciative of your call-NEVERTHELESS KEEP MONITORING!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Saudi arms / The NIE

The US decision to postpone the sale of military equiptment to Saudi Arabia is a welcome move.It comes about because over 200 members of Congress opposed the sale.It is a perfect example of the combined efforts of Jewish Organizations such as the OU, political activists and PACS, AIPAC and public opinion.

The bottom line is that the Saudis do not deserve to be rewarded.I just learned today, that the Israeli delegationto Annapolis was forced to use a different entrance than the Arabs.If anythung, the Saudis have been the instigators of anti-US and anti-Israel hatred in the ME.


Todays op-ed in the WSJ by Bret Stephens is a must.He documents how just days before the Cuban missile crisis, American intelligence publicly stated that the Soviets would never place nuclear missiles within Cuba.

As you look at the history of American intelligence in regard to nuclear technology,it is one failure after another.We missed the progress made by China on a number of occasions,as well as the efforts of Libya.We never appreciated the Pakistani role in the sale of nuclear technology.

Most people who seek to attack the President on the new NIE report, have not read it.What is unsaid, and not clear are the intentions of Iran. Why are they building long range rockets, if not for nuclear weapons.?Why are they spending so much money for this technology which they claim is for peaceul uses,when they have no need for it?

Iranian groups now claim,that in 2004, the factories were split up and they resumed work on a weapon.Nothing in this report negates this possibility,nor places an estimate on when (and if) Iran would resume the program.

For the time,Iran must be considered dangerous with an ability to shock the world.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Lott-Bubba Mitchell / more rockets

It was sad to learn of the retirement of Sen.Trent Lott.I first met him when he was in Congress.Throughout his career,he was a staunch friend of the US-Israel relationship.
One of his closest friends in our community was Mayer "Bubba" Mitchell,of Mobile Ala.
When I started in Pro-Israel activism in 1982,Bubba was among a group of national leaders,who by example and gentle instruction ,were mentors for me.He was AIPAC President,and active in Jewish and communal activities not only in the South,where he made his home,but throughout the country.
Sadly Bubba passed away recently.His presence will be sorely missed by those who respected and admired this soft spoken Jewish leader.

What sane country in the world,( with the ability to respond)on a day that rockets hit an apartment complex, would announce it is not the time to respond?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Some nutty environmentalists in Israel ,have started a campaign that would have each person light one candle less to cut down on CO2. Wait a minute ! Isn't that what the Hellenists tried?Water down the religion to be better secular citizens!.
Interestingly,no word on the environmental conference in Bali,where 10,000 movie stars, Al Gore and assorted beaurocrats are flyng on private jets for a UN conference.There is certainly plenty of space in NY or Washington for such a meeting.What a real waste of CO2 by these hypocrites.


The new intelligence report on Iran represents a great danger to our country.Already, the Dems are telling the Pres. to lower the WMD rhetoric.
Two points;
Some of the beaurocrats involved are very anti-Bush,and have a history of siding with the UN Commission that regulates nuclear activity, and is pro-Iran and anti-US.
The problem is not one of Iran having the bomb.If they had it it would be too late.It is their ability to produce one,or to supply technology to terrorists that must be prevented.
The report,in essence places greater responsibility on Israel to monitor and possibly respnd to the crisis..
Of note is Pres. Bush's Jan 10 visit to Israel.


I cannot believe Hillary using material from Obama's kindergarten's writing as something relevent.She is getting unhinged,and Bill is not helping.
One the one hand she says ,it is she who is running for Pres.,and on the other her partnership with Bill past and future will seal the EXPERIENCE ISSUE.
However his double talk on his lack of support from day one for Iraq,is not only in conflict with the facts,but is an embarressment.


To watch the Israeli political leadership talk,you can get sick.
Shas -no one mentioned Jerusalem,-so we can stay in the Govt.
Labor-we will quit when we think we can win the election-huh? and so on
The bottom line-the coalition is stable for the moment.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Saudis action / Religion in politics

During the recent Annapolis Conference,the Saudis held a press conference in an off -site hotel.Israeli reporters and TV attended.Howvever, as soon as the Saudis found out,they forcibly evicted them from the premises.

This goes along with their refusal to shake Israeli diplomats hands.

Anyone who believes anything changed is smoking funny stuff.

Of note the President twice mentioned Israel as a Jewish State.Abbas,as of yesterday IS STILL PUBLICLY ATTACKING THE NOTION.

The President and Olmert,twice mentioned "core issues"without enumerating.Obviously the threat of Shas hung over their heads.Condi Rice on the other hand,both in the beginning and the end of her talk mentioned Jerusalem,refugees etc,

There is no question that Rice , represents the Old State Dept. philosophy.The President is certainly a real friend of Israel,.


Gov. Huckabee, is a fine candidate,who uses his pastoral skills to good use.However,I get very nervous when I see someone running as a "CHRISTIAN".This was flashed on a recent Iowa Huckabee ad

I know full well that this is a Christian country,however these labels have no part in Presidential politics.

I know very little about Mormonism ,and await the Romney "Mormon Talk".Specifically,I would like to know about both Romney's and Huckabee.s feelings toward Jews,and Israel.

I would also like to know, if during his (Romney) status as a missionary of the Mormon Church,during which he had a 4D deferment, (while I served in Vietnam) he tried to convert Jews.