Thursday, May 15, 2008

Appeasment circa 2009

It is a matter of semantics if Iran is a terrorist "state" or supports, finances and directs terror organizations such as Hizbollah and Hamas.The Obama campaign seeks to differentiate Hamas and Iran.The former they agree is a terrorist org. while the latter simply need some direct negotiations without preconditions.
Sen. McCain is correct.What is there to negotiate?
Everyday Ahmedinajad threatens Israel. Everyday Iran exports terror.Everyday it is the home to world terror organizations.And everyday they defy UN resolutions regarding Uranium enrichment,and the nuclear program.
Pres. Bush was correct today to label Obama's plan appeasement-in the mode of Chamberlain and Jimmy Carter.
Obama is young and inexperienced.Together with his left wing background, Muslim childhood and exposure of 20 years of Rev. Wright,he is the wrong man for America.