Monday, May 26, 2008

Holiness in the pre- post -mortum state

As a physician,I have great empathy for anyone in any station of life who is diagnosed with Cancer.Cancer of the brain of the type that Sen. Kennedy has, is a particularly bad diagnosis and with it a terrible prognosis.I have have had three friends die of this condition,two in the recent past.
Our Rabbis comment that the Torah portion of "Acharei Mos" which signifies a status after death,is followed by the chapter of "Kedoshim",which means a holy state.The joke being that a human being, even one that is less than honorable in life, is often rewarded with the status of holiness after death,as people conveniently forget the true character of the deceased.
Thus Sen. Kennedy is being extolled by his Dem. colleagues as one whose life has been a model.
I am not so sure that the family of Mary Jo Kopekne would agree.Just think ,if the driver of that car,leaving a party at nite,would have acted as Kennedy did,but with a different name,how many charges would have been brought against him?Would he have been able to avoid incarceration ?
The Liberal press corps,knows how to protect their own.