Monday, May 05, 2008

Iran response-Hillary vs Barack / Conversions /Condi pressure

I recall a meeting towards the end of Pres. Clinton's presidency .Meeting with Jewish leaders in the White House,I held up a statement he had made about seven years earlier as a candidate,advocating moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. (which he never acted on)
I asked him if he still believed those words.He answered yes he did,however a candidate and a sitting Pres. look at things differently.Our job as activists he said, is to push for what we believe in ,knowing that the President will not be able to carry out each promise.
Yet words do matter,because promises are at least a starting point.To hedge as a candidate leaves much unsaid in later years.There is no baseline.
Thus the response of Hillary to "obliterate" Iran should they attack Israel with nuclear weapons stands in contrast to Barack who said he didn't like the language,and then said the US would respond.That US response could be 2 missiles against an empty farmhouse.
Iran released the Embassy hostages on the day Reagan was inaugurated. No nonsense!
Obama.s response like his offer to negotiate with Ahmmedijian without conditions is the Jimmy Carter "weakness approach".


The decision of the Chief Rabbinate to void retroactively all the conversions of Rabbi Druckman is totally unbelievable.
I was involved in the proceedings of the Unity Committee of the Jewish Agency where
the efforts to bring about the conversion according to halachah of the 300,000 or more Russian gentiles who were brought to Israel was our top priority.
It was bood and tears to bring about a modus operandi that would be acceptable to the Rabbanut.
If there are problem conversions,they should be handled on case by case investigation.Too many lives including born children arer affected by this promulgation.

The pressure being brought by Condi Rice is disgusting.Israel in certain areas has reached their "red line" on security. This includes Ramallah and Beit El.Only IDF action prevents terror.
In Gaza the rockets continue daily,as there is no IDF.
Olmert ,weakened and gasping for political breath, is using his failing moments to give away half of Jerusalem.
Hopefully the gag order will be released,and if warranted, he will step aside.