Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hamas / Saudi Arms Sale

You have to hand it to Hamas.No nonsense-No political correctness, but rather stay on message.
The message is clear-"We will destroy Israel-if not today , then tomorrow/If not tomorrow then the next day,year ,decade or century.
The fact that Bush/Rice were in town, and heads of State were likewise in Israel for the Peres fiasco encouraged Hamas.The fact that Egypt has been trying to arrange a cease-fire,and Olmert-poor weakened Olmert talks about progress in drawing maps and boundaries has zero meaning for Hamas.
The President who I greatly admire as a friend of Israel, is dreaming when he talks of peace.
There is only one lesson that Hamas understands -total defeat.That requires a full scale military operation that will cut off their head and arms.Short of that you have weak meaningless bravado, that Hamas takes with a grain of salt.
For Israel, there can be only victory or surrender.It is obvious that Olmert/Barak cannot/will not do the job.


The proposal to sell advanced aircraft to Saudia Arabia, is meeting opposition from Senate Democrats.Their objection is to the failure of the Saudis to pump more oil; No oil- No Planes
I believe they are wrong.
Yes we should not sell them advanced fighter planes because:
1-It might change the balance of air-power in the ME
2-They have no need for such weapons
3-They have never supported ME peace, except for a take-it-or leave it plan, that is a subtle call for Israel's destruction
4.They are the main exporters of Wahabism-the most virulent form of Islamic fundamentalism
5-They still allow no Jews to enter their country
6-There is no civil rights for women
7-In any war in the ME, they would use these planes againt Israel.
8-After the last plane shipment, the Saudis promised not to base the planes in close flying distance from Israel.They broke their promise.
9-At the Annapolis Conf.,they made sure no Jew/Israeli could enter their embassy during a press conference.
10-They have recently gone out of their way to get closer to Iran.
Forget the extra oil,they are not a friend,and they do not need these weapons.