Thursday, May 29, 2008


The decision by the California Supreme Court allowing same sex "marriages" is another blow by the liberal judiciary against the mores of society.This is especially true since it was only a few years ago that California voters by a large majority expressed their opposition to such a travesty.
We can imagine the Supreme Court of the US should Obama become President, copying this move.Barack supports same sex marriages.The decline in family values among the Left in this country speaks not to Immorality, but Amorality.
It will be up to the voters now to support a Constitutional Amendment scheduled for the Fall.
Comes along Gov. Patterson of NY who orders his administration to honor such same sex marriages performed in another State-even though it is illegal in NY.This move sidesteps the Senate-Assembly ,and should be challenged.This order however, is not too suprising.
Gov. Patterson's adulterous life,testifies to his total rejection of marriage as a moral,civil/religous and binding way of life.He certainly is not a shining example even to his own community,who suffer from a lack of stable family units, which is basically unchanged since the famous Moynihan Report.
He became Gov. by a fluke,post-Spitzer sexual shenanigans.Hopefully he will be a temporary replacement,for he brings little prestige to the office, other than his overcoming his disability.