Monday, June 02, 2008

Har Homa / Olmert negotiates / Hebrew Charter Schools

Once again Washington has attacked Israeli plans to expand the municipal boundries of Jerusalem.Todays attack comes on "Jerusalem Runification Day" which commemorates the "67 victory which reunified the city.

It is irrelevant that the world cannot allow Jews to live in peace in their biblical and historic Capital. Har Homa and Pisgat Zeev are not "settlements" and thus Israel is free to expand the areas-WHICH WILL NEVER BE RETURNED!

To call them settlements is inflammatory and buys into PA propaganda.

The faster they build, the faster we can get on to the next crisis.


How amazing that Olmert while under fire, still negotiates with Syria and Hamas.

The US, has asked the UN to look for for 2 or 3 more uranium production centers from which they believe Syria was planning to ship material to the recently destroyed reactor.With Syria meddling in Lebanon ,and in bed with Iran what is the purpose of playing games with Assad?

Similarly, the discovery by Egypt of massive arms in the desert scheduled for smuggling into Gaza,including anti-aircraft missiles ,on top of the daily rocket attacks and tunnel proliferation raises the question-Why negotiate with Hamas?

====================================================================I I have met Michael Steinhardt a couple of times.Wealthy he is,and desirous of using his riches for charity is without question.However one can question his understanding of the needs for Jewish survival.

His latest scheme to create a "Jewish Charter School which will not be kosher,will avoid religion,not be Zionistic,be open to non-Jews,and have some emphasis on the Hebrew language is a remedy for failure.It is reminiscent of the Yiddishishts of another generation,who found that Jewish survival requires tradition based upon our Torah.Absent that you cannot pass our heritage from generation to generation.

I took Spanish in High School and Scientific German in College.My German knowledge is limited to"Das test tube".My Spanish knowledge is based upon my rotation through Obstetrics when I repeated the words -"Puja Momma" which means "PUSH".Does that give me any insight into SPANISH/GERMAN culture or way of life?

Examine the records of the Talmud Torahs of yesteryear,and the Yiddish Schools where there was Yiddish but no Yiddishkeit (Judiaism) and you will see failure.

It will take time to evaluate the Conservative Schools, to see how many students remain married within the faith and carry on our traditions.They are a step in the right direction from Public Schools.