Monday, June 16, 2008

Being a Torah Jew

The concept thst one can be an orthodox Jew while violating a whole section of Jewish Law that deals with ethics ,morality and relations between your fellow man is ludicrous.
Sadly we see such behavior on a daily basis and too often accept it with only a silent objection.The individual with the beard,the black suit,the talit over the head,the gartle around the waist,the black velvet yarmulke is telling you-look at me I am a G-d fearing individual But when even one or a small group of such individuals do not honor business ethics,or government laws, then all the accoutremounts are simply play acting.In reality, that person shoud go bare-headed,to show he has rejected G-D'S Torah.
When you read the papers and the internet,and see "teachers" and "Religious Leaders'having sexual relations with people who come to them for spiritual guidance, instead of casting them out from our midst,first we deny their guilt,then with time we forget about it, and then slowly they by inertia often start being re-accepted, because their crimes didn't touch our lives.We conveniently forget the state of chiliul Hashem- the desecration of G-d's name when the accusations and facts become public.
But we have short memories, and most of us are not prepared to to battle to keep such individuals out of our community.
Whether it is white collar crime,or even a lack of business ethics that does not reach the level of a felony or misdemeanor, there cannot be two standards for our life-one to pray to G-d as a "Zaddik"( righteous individual) ,and one to allow us to abuse our relationship with our fellow man in business and personal ethics.