Thursday, June 05, 2008

Obama backtracks

It was too good to be true!
Yesterday Obama talked of an undivided Jerusalem .Clearly anyone who follows the nuances of the ME ,including the Arab world understood this to mean that there will be no Palestinian State Capitol in Jerusalem.
Today, his campaign clarified his AIPAC remarks to indicate that there could be territorial changes in Jerusalem,so long as there was no border between the two.
Yesterday,he also attacked Israeli settlements as being against the peace process.Imagine if he says this during a campaign and before AIPAC,what kind of pressure and negative UN and other policies he would undertake as Pres.
Gen. McPeak is still part of the Obama campaign.He has blamed Israel for the problems in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the Jewish vote as BEING TOO INFLUENTIAL .
My long standing fear of Obama is certainly not diminished.
Our community of course must be involved in both campaigns.However sophisticated individuals who have a feeling for national security,the US-Israel relationship and similar issues don't really have much of a choice.