Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rabbi Weil/ Energy needs

Last nite I attended a reception at the Orthodox Union in honor of the newly appointed Exec V.P. Rabbi Steven Weil.He will assume his duties in June 2009.I have great respect and admiration for him . and I wish him well in his desire to remake the modern orthodox-centrist
community.As I ponted out 2 days ago,labels really don't really matter.Rather , actions and results are the criteria.He has a distinguished career in youth work, the Rabbinate in Detroit and LA. In addition he has an MBA from NYU which will help him overhaul a stodgy organzation that needs both streamling and expansion to meet the growing needs of the Jewish Community.
He will have to work hard to replenish the lay volunteer corps of leaders who have been the backbone of the OU.His youth( 42) will be a great commodity..
I have not been up to the office for a period of time.Since the OU moved into its 11 Broadway headquarters under my Presidency, the photos of each of the past OU Presidents were placed in a prominent position on a wall in the conference room.I believe I was the 18th President,of which seven are still alive.Those pictures are gone ,replaced by a wall for donors.
You can come to your own conclusions.However there is a lot of talent among not only former Presidents, but former officers that is not being utilized.That actually is true for most organizations.


We have much fossil fuel in ANWAR, and off-shore such that that within 5 years if developed could make a huge difference in our ability to meet our energy needs.The new technology if combined with wind,solar and nuclear power must be developed status post-haste.Even committing ourselves to these projects would place pressure on the speculators.In addition as I wrote a long time ago,if private industry won't build new refineries, let the government do it, and auction them off.