Thursday, June 19, 2008


Of course "jaw,jaw jaw" is better than war,war,war".Yet the cease-fire in Gaaza is a victory for Iran,Hamas and the concept of terrorist pressure on a democracy.Just as in the North, the accptance of Hizbollah as co-equals in the Lebanese Sec. Rice, is a blow to the Bush doctrine.
Radical Islam agrees to hudna or Cease-fires when it suits them.They never abide by the terms in spirit or principle.Despite the US giving Egypt equiptment that can detect tunnels,we can be sure that Hamas will use the time to dig fortifications,build more weapons and train for the upcoming battle-and it will come.

With these results,what lesson can Hamas or Hizbollah learn that would cause them to abstain from terrorism?The answer is that Israel and the US are soft,and talk tough, but fail to deliver the killer blow.