Sunday, June 22, 2008

Technology at the city bridges // McCain

If you drive on the George Washington Bridge ,or on the Garden State Parkway -Paramus toll for example,you will note terchnology at work.There are lanes for those with EZ-Pass,and no gates that go up and down with each car.Thus traffic can flow smoothly.
Yet on the Triborough Bridge,you still have the toll gates that go up and down with each car,even if they have EZ-Pass..In addition , you have a cadre of usually overweight TA or Bridge Authority policemen standing between lanes,as though they are overseeing traffic.Surely, removing those barriers,would increase traffic flow immensely.On the Garden State,one need not even slow down as you pass the overheand electronics that count and identify the vehicles.


Todays polling show a huge lead for Obama that is more than a simple bump.One gets the feeling that the McCain camp is poorly organized.
He has to speak with greater warmth and feeling,as he tries to master the teleprompter.McCain has not pressed home the issues that work in his favor.
He must explain why off-sshore drilling is safe.He must change his mind on ANWAR.
Free Trade,and Tax hikes are two issues that must be explained to the American public.
When McCain tells us that Obama's ideas on natioinal security are immature and not thought out, he must follow up so that Americans understand the issues.
It is not too late to turn the campaign around.