Sunday, June 08, 2008

Where is the beef?

A friend of mine was planning on visiting a family deeply entrenched in pro-Obama politics.He asked what should he tell them?My answer,"Where is the Beef"?
Every single election in modern times has candidates yelling it's time for a "change",or "let's end corruption".
The challenge is -How will you bring about change?and more importantly, how did you work toward change up to now?
What in Obama's record in the State Senatye or US Senate?Can he point to as evidence of leadersahip in "CHANGE"? ,or BIPARTIANSHIP ?
As Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Afghanistan,what has he accomplished?How many meetings has he called?---ZERO to both questions.
What major legislative package did he originate,and see through to fruition(not add his name to others efforts) ?
Obama is a great motivational speaker-should be hired by the UJA if he loses.However where is the beef-- the record? the fine points of his programs?-who will pay?Why is he making promises on local issues like teachers,when this is not a federal issue?
What about his terrible judgement in his association with now convicted Chicago real estate operator Rezko ? and his 20 tear membership (and lying about what he ,his wife and children heard )in the Wright hurch.
When he resigned,he did so not because of what was preached,but because the Press was annoying the membership.
The burden of proof is on those who swoon over Obama, to show he is a man of substance.