Wednesday, June 04, 2008

O)bama the pro-Israel "leader"

About 9 years ago when Hillary was running for the Senate,many of us did not believe that she was truly advocating a pro-Israel line.After her infamous kiss of Mrs Arafat, I was going to cancel her upcoming visit to an OU luncheon.
It was Sen. Joe Lieberman, who told me not to,and predicted that if she were to win she would become a Baaalat-Tshuvah ( a believer)That did in fact occur.But it took years of contact with the Pro-Israel Community, and 8 years of service as a NY Senator.
The Obama talk today at AIPAC ,showed how much he has moved in a positive direction during this campaign.Yet 17 days ago,he told an audience that Iran is not a mortal danger to the US, which is opposite of what he said today.Perhaps if he had an 8 year recorde to show us, or 26 year record liks John McCain,I would feel more comfortable with his candidacy.Neveretheless,it is a long way until Nov.,and it is important that Obama master the nuances of the ME. An "undivided Jerusalem" is a great start.
For the immediate future,the polls should show Obama with a lead.Considering the poor state of Congressional Republicans, he should be way ahead at present.That he is not, could spell problems for Obama.
This will be an exciting contest that may not be settled until the morning after election day