Thursday, June 12, 2008


We Jews are an amazing people.The majority of Jews still cling to the old liberalism of the Democratic Party.If FDR came back from the dead,the liberal set would be celebrating as though he were another Barack Obama.They would sublimate the inactions regarding the concentration camps,and the massive loss of our people.
In Israel as 50 rockets hit the Negev today,liberals shrug it off with the thought that it is Hamas having s little fling before they accept a cease-fire.
And above all the Hebrew University,long a hot bed of left wing sentiment hosted Mearsheimer and Walt as they go around assuring Israelis that Ahmedaminajad really doesnt't mean violence when he threatens Israel.Iran is not a threat, and they want nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.
Anyway, it is only American Jews who are pushing Washington to attack Iran.
The Jimmy Carter,Mearsheimer-Walt brand of pseudo-intellectual attacks on American Jewry and Israel are certainly helped when our own people open up their campuses for their diatribes.One never sees left-wing or pro-Arab groups invite right-wing speakers for an alternate view of the world.