Monday, June 23, 2008

Pres Sarkozy

The speech by French President Sarkozy to the Knesset was very disappointing.Though he proclaimed his friendship, he next advocated deporting Jews from Judea and Samaria,and then dividing Jerusalem.Such friendships hasten the destruction of Israel.
It speaks to his total ignorance regarding thee history of the region.Israel cannot bear a "peace" with its Capital divided.
As I sat in synagogue this shabbat, and listened to the story of the spies,I looked carefully at the travels of Calev, who alone went to visit the graves of our fathers in Hebron.Jewish history and the history of the land are intertwined.Long after Sarkozy finishes his Presidency,Jerusalem will remain undivided.
If Sarkozy was a man of history, he would know that Jordan is an artificial 19-20th century creation,that sits on the land G-d promised to the Jews.He would know of the Arab massacres and destruction of Jewish settlements not since 1948, but long before the creation of a State.
He would know that long before the "48 war,and the 6 day war" long before Israel starteds to build on its ancient homeland and within Municipal Jerusalem, Arabs pledged never to accept the "infidel" Jewish people.
If he were our real friend he would embrace a unified Jerusalem,move the French Embassy there,and prevent the Iranian nuclear development ,not with words but deeds.