Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Olmert and his NY bundler

Everone is entitled to be considered innocent until proven guilty,and that includes PM Olmert.Whether the charges brought out,as well AS ALL THE SUSPICIONS THAT CANNOT BE WASHED AWAY,WILL REACH THE LEVEL OF AN INDICTABLE CRIME, is too early to tell.This is especially true since Israel and its Judicial system are unique and do not follow American law.
Nevertheless the smell is putrid and all sense of morality and honesty have left this tainted egotistical individual who raped the system.
It is time for him to go ,and allow new leadership the opportunity to heal the nation.
Syria,Gaza and Iran together with the daily issues facing the State, require a PM who can keep his mind on affairs of State,and not affairs that may wind up in a jail. sentence.