Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Israel at 60 / 92% black vote for Obama

It is unfortunate that as Israel celebrates its 60th.it is bedecked with the smell of corruption eminating from the PM's office.Now that the NY Post has named the American financier,and any Israeli can get the story on NYPOST.COM ,there is little need for the gag order,other than to prevent a national sense of disgust over the holiday.The sooner the facts are laid out the better it is for Justice and Democracy.

Bravo to Chief Rabbi Amar (sephardic) for announcing that the conversion decisions of Rabbi Druckman's Court, will not be overturned.In other words,there will be no mass retroactive voiding of conversions.


Who would have thought one year ago or even six months ago, that we would be coming close to Sen. Clinton being eliminated from the race?
I have mixed feelings about the 92% of blacks voting for Obama.On the one hand there is much deserved pride in that community.However, one must ask are the Dems following the Dukakis-Kerry formula for defeat? A liberal left-leaning candidate winning the primary, but failing to carry America.
I would have been happier if the black vote was more balanced,say 60/70 to

Hillary over her career has been extremely close to the black community,as has Bill.
The Obama vote raises the question re: if support by a white politician for black-oriented issues will be appreciated,until a black candidate comes along to challenge the long-time friend?
I recall when then Conn. Atty-Gen Joe lieberman running against Sen. Weicker came to me for support.I told him that for 18 years Weicker had been a friend to our community.Now that he was being challenged by a (orthodox) Jew was it fair to abandon him?
Lieberman immediately understood.
I concluded by saying that if he were to win,we would be as loyal to him as we were to Weicker.And,we have been.