Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Obama and the W. Virginia primary

I understand all the numbers and limitations of the current Obama march to the nomination.Yet all this hoopla within the Democratc Party about the need for Hillary to withdraw somehow confuses me.How does Obama explain his poor showing?In view of evereone crowning him, shouldn't Dem. voters have risen to support him?
The victories by Hillary tonite in W.Virginia ,Ohio etc point to potential trouble for Obama in states with small black communities.Yet these overwhelming statistics are not changing the atmosphere of Dem. leaders as they prepare for the campaign without answering the basic questions of how to address the Obama deficiencies.
It is too early to predict the movement of the swing states but Karl Rove who of course is a Republican guru believes that the numbers potentially favor McCain.
Obama will have problems moving to the center after being the most liberal Senator in the Senate.Yet as everone knows ,and as I pointed out yesterday "it's the economy-stupid "
Of course a lot may depend on the Veep nominations.I personally see Hillary as a real poor choice for a smooth running campaign/White House (with Bill hanging around).